Bulleted lists are one of my favorite things:

My Work:

  • Current job title – Business Analyst
  • What is that?  A writer in the IT world, generally requirements documents.
  • What I bring to the table: 26 years of converting technical info into clear, concise, usable documents.
  • Why?  It’s my “gift.”  The thing I do best in all the world.  The essential core of who I am.  The thing I should be doing in order to be true to myself.  Apparently.  I found this out recently after attending an extended seminar that was different from anything I’ve ever done in the personal development arena.  But, my skill is confirmed by people whose own skills I admire, so there must be something to it.

Personal – the minimum:

  • Female
  • Married
  • I am a cat and dog person, but lean toward cats.  Or really small dogs.  Who knew?

Stuff I like:

  • Reading.  I have a preference for history and biography.  General fiction is my least favorite.
  • Outdoorsy things like hiking and biking
  • Taking pictures, especially outdoors
  • Traveling to new places, not repeats unless it’s been a long time
  • Doing genealogical research on my husband’s family (when I get time)
  • Cooking, but only my specialties
  • Sewing, but only when I feel like it
  • Sushi, Bing cherries, licorice, and caramel, but not at the same time

Stuff I don’t like:

  • Errors in written material.  If you are going to publish or post something, please proofread it.
  • People who cut you off in traffic.  I’d probably let them in if they turned on their signal.
  • People who think it’s their right to ride in the left lane, holding up traffic
  • Italian food
  • People who have no sense of humor
  • People who are mean

 What does the title of the blog mean?

  • A positive version of “never stop learning”
  • A personal goal – to learn at least one new thing every day

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