Follow-up to “I Believe in Karma”

I haven’t posted anything in over three years, and it’s probably been at least a year and a half since I last visited this blog.  But now I have access, whereas I had been locked out before, so updates will be coming fast and furious.

I wrote a post back in 2008 about Dr. Kenneth Yaw, a pediatric oncology surgeon in Pittsburgh.  He was in deep trouble with the law over his treatment of his four underage daughters at the time, which didn’t surprise me based on my experiences with him in 1992-3.  I’m sure many people would defend him, such as those patients of his who said, “he saved my life,” and “he was a caring doctor” but I saw the other side, the side he displayed in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Revisiting this blog prompted me to look into the latest status of the criminal charges against Dr. Yaw.  So I googled his name and New Mexico, and a forum thread on Topix popped up. There had been a discussion going on there between 2008 and 2011, in the Food section.  I’m guessing it started there because he was essentially starving the girls, providing them with beans, flour, peanut butter, and not much else.  No fresh fruit, vegetables, and they were dried beans so they had to soak them overnight before cooking. They had to make their own flatbread from the flour and water.

There was nothing new on the Topix forum since 2011, which prompted me to do more research. I visited the New Mexico Courts website listed in other’s posts ( ) and searched on his name.

I discovered that on 02/06/2012, the case against Kenneth Yaw was dropped. After four years of back and forth motions, the State of New Mexico declined to prosecute him “in the best interest of justice.” Right.

The youngest girl would have been 15 at the time the case was dismissed, and I assume the limitations on contact with his children would have been lifted at that time. I hope he didn’t manage to regain custody of her.

I also discovered that his second wife, Rita, divorced him in January of 2013.  From my reading of the posts from people who knew her, most of them thought she was unstable.  She appeared on the scene soon after Yaw’s first wife, Maureen, died of breast cancer.  So it was the perfect storm of his issues, added to by her issues, which destroyed the family.

Some people posted that Dr. Yaw had an aneurism at some point.  I wonder if that happened before or after my interaction with him in 1992-3?

Here’s a link to an interesting article that provides more details on his machinations, trying to control the girls from afar:

I pray that everything has turned out for the best for all of Maureen Yaw’s children.

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