Two incidents that foreshadow the future

Part One:  Making Change…

We went to a DQ the other night, and the bill came to $4.22.  So my husband hands the cashier a $20, a quarter, and two pennies.  $20.27 total.  Now this young woman is not actually dispensing ice cream, she’s a roving cashier.  Which I think is FANTASTIC because then my cone or cup or whatever is not handled by the same person who’s handling the admittedly filthy money.  However, they need to pick a new person to do this job.  Here’s why:

She took the money, and handed my husband back the two pennies, saying, “I’ll just give these back to you” and then she proceeded to give him his $16 in bills and three pennies.  Hello?  Is anyone home?  What school do you attend, so I can warn others not to send their children there?

So very, very depressing.  This is what we have to look forward to.

Part Two: Never push on a door marked pull…

There are two young women who work in the same department as I do, and my initial opinion of them, based on their speech patterns, loud volume in public areas, and other behaviors, was that they were locals.  But, since they were employed in an IT department, I granted them a certain basic assumption that they had some level of skill and intelligence.

We have security doors in this building, and there are three features to them.  First, there is a “black box” on the outside that, when you wave your badge past it, it releases the lock on the doors and you can pull them open and enter.  Second, inside the doors is a sensor that “pops” the door whenever you get within range.  It is cranky; sometimes it triggers and unlocks but then re-locks immediately, so you have to step away, out of range, and go back in range. 

The third feature is the panic button.  You press and hold it while opening the door.  One person of average height cannot do it, because the button and the door are too far apart.  So, you need a partner.  Thus my tale begins… 

These two were having a problem getting through the door.  By the time I got there, a traffic jam had formed , with five of us trying to get out.  Instead of backing off and letting the door reset, they are taking turns pushing on the door.  They are complaining bitterly about how this same thing happened to them yesterday. 

Someone mentions the panic button, and one of them goes over there and punches the button repeatedly.  It has to be held down while you push the door or else it doesn’t work  So the other one is still pushing on the door, but never at exactly the right moment when the door is releasing due to the  panic button being pressed.  

They will think I’m very friendly from now on, because I’m not going to be able to avoid grinning every time I see them.  Irresistible!

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