Displaying some backbone

I think it’s important to have some backbone.  It’s important to stand up for yourself.  However, it’s also important to pick your battles.  How you balance those two sides of the coin will probably have a lot to do with how happy you feel, and how much you like yourself.  In the recent past, I’ve been picking zero battles, and now I feel like a doormat.  It’s because I prefer a world where everybody gets along, and that world doesn’t exist.  So, time for me to leave my comfort zone and make a stand.  Happiness is at stake, because only I can create my own happiness.

Nobody should assume from this that I’m either a doormat or overly belligerent.  I’m big on cooperation and getting along.  But there are some specific steps that I need to take to make a positive change.  And this is my first step.  Wish me luck.

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