Reading skills?

I read an article on the internet about an anthropomorphic cookie printed on a shirt.  I was curious what reading level would allow someone to understand that word.  I assumed it was at least a 12th grade word, but maybe higher.  Perhaps only a college student would be able to grasp the word, and the dichotomy between animals acting like people and inanimate objects such as a cookie that has characteristics of living beings, which is one of the definitions of anthropomorphism.  I do not want to reference only people here, because animals have eyes, mouths, and teeth as well. The two definitions of anthropomorphic is giving animals the characteristics of a human, such as speech and the ability to walk upright, such as Hello Kitty, or giving similar features to inanimate objects, like Thomas the Tank Engine.  This paragraph has a reading ease score of 12.9, so I was correct about needing to have college-level reading skills.

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