I guess I’ll have to give up concerts

We went to a great concert this weekend. The main event was Styx, and they put on a great show.  It’s not all the originals, but they sound great, so I don’t care. The Eagles are not all the originals, but I believe the five that came out of retirement sound better than the group they had in the very early days, so there!

The opening acts were The Chris Higbee Project, fronted by the fiddle player from the now defunct Povertyneck Hillbillies, and the Outlaws, a southern rock group that sounds like a combination of Tom Petty and Lynrd Skynrd. The only thing against them is that a good proportion of their songs sound pretty much the same.

What was not good was the crowd. They were smoking during the sets, which was against the rules, and if you needed to get away from it to breathe, you’d miss the show. People moved into other people’s seats between sets, and when they were asked to move, there was some pushing and shoving around us. Someone almost fell on me. Afterwards, out in the parking lot, people were falling-down drunk. And then they got into cars to drive home.

The crowd stood up through the whole concert. I am very short, so as soon as a twelve-year-old stands up in front of me, I’m done. I’m used to that happening with certain bands, and my husband tries to get aisle seats for us, but in this case we were mid-row.

What I’m not used to is having to use my inhaler multiple times before I can breathe again after getting a face-full of smoke. You can’t turn them in, because they know it was you and then you can’t go back to your seat. I always thought that Pittsburghers were nicer than the average, but maybe I need to revisit that assumption.

I’m kind of glad the NFL has instituted text messaging during the games to turn people in.  That should be the case for all of these venues.  Who knows who you are texting; after all, everyone does it all the time.  I already added the text address to my contacts; first game is coming up soon for us.

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