I seem to have lost the entire month of July

But I think things are going to lighten up now.  I am back from my trip to California, I’ve completed most of my financial planning tasks related to being outsourced, I did adopt a puppy who takes massive amounts of time, and I’m fighting off the guilt of not having looked for a job yet. 

First, the trip.  I posted some of my pictures to Snapfish, and is the link: http://www1.snapfish.com/share/p=67041217895716020/l=411006151/g=86393974/otsc=SYE/otsi=SALB

Here’s the puppy:  She’s a miniature dachshund, about 6 months old now.  I can almost see her growing daily.  I had to loosen her harness a few weeks ago, so I know she is bigger than when I first got her.  She is a rescue, given up by her breeder because she was sick and the breeder couldn’t handle the vet bills.

I say that I’m feeling guilt, but actually I’m feeling guilty that I’m not feeling very guilty at all.  If that makes sense.  A wise woman told me that I’m in a normal stage of the grieving process you go through with job loss, and it does sound like I’m close to getting on with my life.  The trouble is, my perfect life might not involve much IT work.  Running a coffee shop, baking biscotti, making trail mix from scratch, and creating healthy quick breakfast and lunch items to sell – that sounds much better than working in IT.  My husband is certified by the health department to run a food operation, so if he retires next August, that would be the time to take such a plunge. 

In the meanwhile, I’m going to actually try to apply for a job.  After I read two books.  And after I finish the dog training class.  And get all my documents organized and filed.  I am a procrastinator, yes, but if I did get a job quickly, it would mess me up because the dog is not ready to be left alone for 8 hours a day. 

I just feel, with some justification, that my next job is going to be just like the last job, I’ll be miserable and bored and not challenged within 6 months, and I will also be stuck.  Subsequent moves will be made with much deliberation and care, I can assure you.

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