How many days does it take to create a habit?

I read that it takes 3 weeks, 21 days, to make something into a habit.  So my goal for the next three weeks is to get into this blog at least 6 times a week and either post something or read someone else’s blog.  I set this up with good intentions, and it’s a necessity for me to keep up with it. 

Three weeks will take me into my trip to California.  I’ll be flying out and driving back in my brand new hybrid SUV, a Ford Escape (FEH for short.)  I still need to map out the route and pick up some camp books from AAA. 

I was also considering getting a dog while out there, but that would interfere with my travel plans.  You can’t see the sights with a dog in the car.  Although, if I do see a cute little dog that would be appropriate for us, I might change my plans.  I might even get a doggie purse and hide him in it.

I did buy a laptop at Circuit City, a Toshiba A215 with 2G and a webcam, so in theory, I should be able to interview myself while on this excursion and send it back to people as an e-mail attachment.  That sounds like a good idea; I think I’ll try that right now. 

Next writing project – write about the drive back in my new vehicle.  Maybe I’ll start a trend or even get published!

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