Who I Am 101

Why this blog?

I’ve been working in IT for 24 years, soon to be “outsourced.”  Now I’m free to do what I want online, and I want to blog.  Journals from the last four years will provide some archival materials to post here, in case I get stuck or too busy.  No worries, it’s good stuff.

I love to read and to write, but I hate errors with a consuming passion.  Recent experience has shown that there is no pride in a job well done in the communications industry, so I shudder through their crap to stay informed.  You may see some ranting on that topic.  And probably many others. 

As far as a new job, my preferences would be writing or teaching.  I’ll probably talk more about those in other posts, so I’ll leave it at that for now. 

Hobbies: I dabble in photography but get discouraged when I see some of the incredible professional work out there.  There’s never enough time to explore every idea and try every art form, but there has to be something that can express all my pent-up creativity.  I’ll keep looking and learning.

2 responses to “Who I Am 101

  1. Shelly Williams

    I work at a large IT services firm and have felt that I could be out-sourced any moment for well over a decade. From your blog, it seems you’ve got a great attitude about everything. I’m trying to get my arms around the economics of the whole thing and start to chart some alternative pathways. I landed at your blog via linked-in–it seems we share some background. Take care. Good luck.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. My philosophy is, if you act like you are happy and having a good time, it becomes fact. This is very useful in IT project work. I worked with many problem customers and they all loved me because they assumed that I enjoyed working with them, so then they treated me well, which made it easier to work with them! A self-fulfilling prophecy. It helped that I am a really good analyst and documentation expert. A good attitude is nice but does not substitute for skill.

    I assume you are the Pittsburgh Shelly Williams on linkedin. Send me a linkedin invitation if you’d like. It seems we have Bobby Mo in common. That must be why you are a good writer.

    My outsourcing was a blindside, although I admit to feeling uneasy since Y2K. But I no longer liked my job, and was just holding on. Being let go was a blessing in disguise, as the package gave me enough years of service to qualify for retirement benefits.

    Stay tuned, as I’ll be posting about the job search, which will be focused on tech writing.

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